Association Management

Types of Associations

Even though we have the experience and knowledge to manage any association, we have particular expertise in the following:

Condominium Associations

Expansive or condensed common areas with connected residential units and the maintenance issues that can come from them require high levels of management services. We are up to the task.

High-Rise Associations

These condominium associations require even more specialized experience than other types of associations. The close proximity of residents to one another and to common areas requires knowledgeable guidance.

Commercial Condominiums

These condominium associations , covered by the Commercial & Industrial Common Interest Development Act, are particularly specialized due to the fact they are individually owned professional offices and are usually only occupied during business hours. AMC can meet these challenges.

Master Planned Communities

These associations can be so large and complex that normal management techniques will not suffice. We know how to meet the needs of projects that are larger in scope.

Management Services

Board Meetings

AMC offers comprehensive guidance for board meetings. This service can include leading board members through the meeting process, recording minutes and directives, and training for board members who are new to the process. AMC will also prepare and distribute board resolutions in accordance with civil code requirements.

Property Inspections

These inspections are performed by your association’s community manager in order to ensure the proper maintenance of the community. Vendors can be met with during these inspections and architectural compliance can be inspected as well.

Regulation Support

Your association CC&Rs, rules and regulations have been around since your community was formed. However, it is important to audit your rules regularly to ensure they still meet the association’s needs and fit within the current legal guidelines.