M&M Properties

Related to our field of homeowner association management, is the general real estate field of property management. Association Management Concepts, Inc. has a strong professional relationship with one of the largest and most experienced residential property management companies in the Sacramento area, M&M Properties. We are proud to be associated with M&M Properties in a professional relationship and hope you will visit their website and become familiar with the services they provide.
M&M Properties is a recognized leader in the property management field and has been in the business for over 30 years. M&M is a full service company with a staff of almost 30 Property Managers, an accounting department, and an administrative staff. When it is time for you to put a property up for rent, and the task seems overwhelming, put M&M to work for you. They can provide all of the management services you need to find tenants, direct emergency maintenance, collect rent, and deal with evictions.

they do it right the first time

What makes M&M Properties worth it

Whether it is managing your entire property portfolio, an apartment complex, or one single house, M&M has the experience and knowledge to efficiently and cost effectively manage your properties. It is often difficult for a property owner to know exactly how to go about managing their properties. M&M has this knowledge. See if putting them to work for you is the best solution.

M&M Properties has a property manager located in your area with the unique skillset and experience to manage your properties for you. Please look at their website today. http://www.mmproperties.com/