Past Webinars

We Stream Educational, Live Webinars with Expert Speakers Covering Topics for HOA Board Members Regularly. 

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How to Read Your Reserve Study

In this webinar, Mike McDermott from the Browning Reserve Group dives into:

* 2023 revised CAI Reserve Study national standards
* Reserve Study purpose and two parts of the reserve study
* Understanding components and expense forecasts
* Understanding funding plans and funding goals
* Member summaries and disclosures


Protect Your Association: Vet Your Vendors

Our speaker, Connor Doyle (CMCA, AMS, PCAM) of VIVE (Vendor Information Verification Experts), will speak on vendor compliance within the HOA & Condominium Management industry. 

VIVE’s executive ranks boast more than 80 years of combined experience in the association management industry.
Connor is the National Sales Director for VIVE, which services more than 120 management companies and 40,000+ vendors nationwide. He is a 20-year veteran of the association management world, both as a company owner and executive with some of the largest management firms in the country.


Fiscal Planning & Funding Webinar

This webinar was designed specifically for HOA board members, community managers, and homeowners looking to understand the best practices for planning and funding their community projects

Sponsored by the Browning Reserve Group 

Our speakers in this HOA webinar include: 

Mike McDermott, The Browning Reserve Group / President of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) 

Paul Cutter, Senior Vice President–Wealth Management at UBS Financial 

Chris Lucas, Vice President at Heritage Bank of Commerce


Old governing documents can lead to big problems. Plus, old language can also expose the association to liability. 

When CC&Rs (and Bylaws) are more than a few years old, large sections will likely have been superseded by changes in the state’s governing laws, the Davis-Stirling Act. 

You have to follow the law no matter what your governing documents say. In most cases the laws supersede your governing documents. 

In our workshop, BAD DOCS = BAD NEWS, we discuss these issues, and “specific” things your association needs to know!

Problem Board Members

Elected association officers are, for the most part, people who are well-regarded in the community.

Unfortunately, dealing with inappropriate, and misbehaving HOA board members will soon have the rest of the board members frustrated, tired and threatening to quit.

But, many associations have at least one!

The problem HOA board member that you just want to oust. There are many horror stories about them.

Looking for answers to this problem? Our guest speaker was Attorney John Hansen, ESQ. Partner with Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP.