Mission Landscape Companies: Mulch For The Summer

It’s getting hot! When the weather is warm it’s important to stay hydrated. To keep our bodies from exhaustion, water is essential. It keeps us cool and healthy. Just like our bodies, plants demand the same type of nourishment and require more water in the heat, some more than others. But rather than going into a cooler and grabbing water, plants sip on moisture from their surrounding soil. To combat a plant’s thirst, Mission Landscape uses mulch to supply moisture all day.

Mulch is one of our favorite materials to work with. We’ve stated before that mulch has benefits in weed suppression, erosion control, and aesthetic appeal; however, in the summer mulch works magic on your water bill. Made of recycled plant material, mulch is a natural resource that offers excellent protection for your landscape.

Mulch is an outstanding way to get the most out of your irrigation system. Due to its makeup, Mulch is capable of saving water in 2 different ways.  As a top cover, it blocks the heat from reaching the soil where the roots are. Without mulch, the sun has the ability to dry up the soil and wreak havoc on the roots, causing plants to fail. Just like a shield mulch acts as the protective barrier against that harsh Southern California heat. The second way mulch helps out is the way it acts like a sponge. When your irrigation system runs, the water penetrates the mulch. Instead of typical runoff, Mulch soaks up any excess water and distributes the moisture throughout the day.

When paired with an efficient irrigation system, mulch can allow a good system to be great. The Summer months put a lot of stress on plants so why not protect your investment? Irrigation systems are running the most during the summer, so it’s important to get the most out of every drop. The water bill isn’t going anywhere, but there are steps to lowering it.

At Mission Landscape, we are the experts in landscape architecturelandscape constructioncommercial landscape maintenancetree carewater managementmulch, and green waste recycling. We serve a multitude of areas in California including: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Sacramento County, and Imperial County.

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